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Top 5 Things Buyers Freak Out About


Top 5 things Buyers Freak Out About (that aren't actually a big deal.

Inspector Spotlight – Contributing to this article is another long time Inspector I work with. Tim is off right now, with a medical issue and I wish him a speedy recovery. Shout out to you Tim!!

As experienced by a Home Inspector & Agent

The Top 5 Things Buyers Freak Out About that aren’t always difficult to remedy are:

1) Attic Mold
3) Asbestos
4) Aluminum Wiring
5) Stains on the Ceiling

An Inspectors Opinion (always ask)

I myself am pretty handy and own an envious set of tools. Not much can scare me, however, making improvements on your house can be exhausting, intimidating, expensive and frustrating if you cannot do it yourself. Or worse, if you are not sure how a problem is supposed to be remedied to know that the person you have hired is actually doing the job correctly.

So, I asked Tim to explain why these issues shouldn’t necessarily turn a Buyer away from a property. Of course it would depend on the Buyer and the house and the price and what the Buyer is comfortable with. Even so, if it was your dream home …………you may want to consider it.

Tim's Reasons

1) Attic Mold – Attic mold can be professionally cleaned up and the cause can be addressed, if the mold has not affected the structure or is present in the living areas of the home.  In most cases it is simply caused by a leak from the bathroom exhaust fan and is contained to that area.  It can be removed and remedied by professionals and if necessary, prevented from re-occurring by increasing ventilation and insulation in the attic.

2) UFFI – Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation was used in the 70’s to help insulate the home. The issue is that when it was used it releases formaldehyde gas during the curing process and afterwards but this does decrease over time. It can also release gas when wet.

“Health Canada measured formaldehyde in a large number of homes in different cities across Canada – Charlottetown, Ottawa, Quebec City, Regina – as part of an ongoing study on the quality of indoor air. All houses had at least some formaldehyde in indoor air (even those homes that did not have that insulation). On average, formaldehyde levels measured over a day in Canadian homes were 16-32.5 ppb” – Health Canada

Personally, I do not think it necessary to remove unless it is exposed to water or high humidity. The removal of UFFI is time consuming and expensive and usually not required. It could involve tearing out a house’s interior or exterior walls. This process can cost up to $50,000. I would recommend having it inspected by a professional prior to doing anything unnecessary as it will have shrunk over time and reduced its insulation value .

3) Asbestos – If left undisturbed then there are no significant health risks. For example, if tightly bound in products and in good condition, sealed behind walls and floorboards; isolated in the attic and left undisturbed. Before doing any major renovations, remodelling or demolitions, reduce your risk of exposure in the home by hiring a professional to test for asbestos. If asbestos is found, hire a qualified asbestos removal specialist to get rid of it before beginning the work. 

4) Aluminum Wiring – In my opinion, if it is installed correctly, it will be safe. You should have an ESA certified electrician inspect it and make any necessary changes. It is usually a problem when an unqualified person puts in new receptacles that are not compatible with aluminum wiring, or aluminum is incorrectly connected to copper wiring.

5) Stains on the ceiling – Most Home Inspectors have infrared cameras and moisture meters to detect leaks. Some stains may be active and caused by a plumbing leak or leaking roof. Others stains may be quite old and dry but remain after the plumbing repair was made or the roof replaced. Make sure when you hire a Home Inspector, that he does use an infrared camera to inspect these types of areas that may be of concern.

Reach out if you have questions about these types of situations.

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